GAIT Analysis in Newark

We specialise in gait analysis to help you move more efficiently and comfortably. We assess your walking and running patterns, then provide personalised insights to enhance your performance and reduce injury risks.

Who Can Benefit from Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis isn't just for elite athletes. It's beneficial for anyone who wants to move more efficiently, including:

  1. Runners of all levels
  2. Footballers and other sports enthusiasts
  3. Individuals with recurring injuries
  4. Those experiencing unexplained pain during movement
  5. People recovering from lower limb surgery
  6. Keen walkers and hikers

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Client’s Feedback

What Client's says about us

Kasia Stevenson
Kasia Stevenson
5 May 2024
Great session with Ben to sort my back out, very warm and welcoming- amazing knowledge - would highly recommend Ben also takes the time to check the next day to see how your getting on! Looking forward to my next session! :)
26 April 2024
Ben Hawk welcomed me in his workshop 4 months ago from now. Being a professional woodworker since the last 23 years, I have been suffering from recurrent pathologies in my back, neck, shoulders, etc... And ended up to A&E several times. Since Mr Hawk is caring about me, on a regular basis, I can carry on properly. Cherry on the cake, Ben is an extraordinary human being, at the same very high standard than his professional skills.
Lewis O'Connell
Lewis O'Connell
5 April 2024
Ben was an awesomely knowledgable physiotherapist- helped me a bunch during the tapering weeks and after. Recommended!
Talor McClung
Talor McClung
1 April 2024
Ben is FAB!! He has really helped me on my marathon journey easing my pain points and helping resolve my issues. Thank you!
melanie doran
melanie doran
27 March 2024
I run a local bjj academy and my body works hard every day so I was more than overdue some tlc 😀 I had my first session with Ben today as a female I felt a bit nervous having a massage from a man but ben was very professional and I was soon relaxed. Following the massage I feel amazing. So much so I booked another 10 sessions . Really Happy 😃 Thank you Ben.
Amanda Rogers
Amanda Rogers
25 March 2024
After injuring my shoulder I was recommended Ben by a friend. He has been professional and courtesy throughout my treatment and within just a few sessions my shoulder feels almost back to normal. I would thoroughly recommend Hawk Wellness and Sports therapy for treatment.
Michael Minty
Michael Minty
24 March 2024
Excellent service and very informative, helped me to recover from an injury and helped me through each step. Very high quality service.
Paul Lawton
Paul Lawton
18 March 2024
Absolutely brilliant experience every time I’ve been to see Ben. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 1st couple of sessions was sorting a back problem that I’ve been suffering with for months, Ben very quickly diagnosed the issues and after 2 sessions back feels so much better. Later sessions have been working on tired and aching legs to get ready for a summer of cycling. If you’re not sure on anything Ben will explain everything in as much detail as he can so you understand. Would highly recommend 👍🏼.
Vicki Ferrera
Vicki Ferrera
7 March 2024
Went to see Ben after having pain in my back for a week, was my first time. It was a great experience from beginning to end & beyond. He msg me to say I could be seen earlier which suited me as I was booked in at 8.15pm. Then he said to msg him when I arrived. No waiting, went straight in. I am a biggish older woman feeling self conscious, but I was put at ease immediately. Excellant service, a great massage, my back was a knot of hard muscle. He warned I might be sore next day, and I woke to a msg from him checking how I was feeling today. That is 100% Care & Professionalism. Will be back in a few days. Thanks Ben 😃
Katrina Thompson
Katrina Thompson
5 March 2024
Really knowledgeable and talked about ways to prevent injury and the muscular groups. Really helped my 15 year old son with a persistent back pain but also educated him on training correctly. Only downside was trying to locate the place but maybe that was my fault 😅

Experienced Gait Analysis in Newark-on-Trent

Ben is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist with years of experience in physio and brings a distinctive perspective to gait analysis. His fascination with human anatomy and how muscles work drives the clinic's passion for helping clients move better and stay injury-free.

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Why Choose Us for Gait Analysis?

Our clients have seen improvements after gait analysis

Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with expert interpretation. We don’t just provide data; we offer practical, actionable advice just for your specific goals. Our view considers your lifestyle, activity level and any pre-existing conditions to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • 4 Years of Experience
  • Flexible Appointment Times
  • Affordable Price
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free Car Parking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common queries about GAIT Analysis

Gait analysis is a thorough examination of how you walk and run. It involves observing and measuring the movements of your legs, feet, and sometimes your entire body during these activities. This analysis helps us identify any inefficiencies or imbalances in your movement patterns.

Gait analysis is crucial because it can reveal issues that might not be apparent during a standard physical examination. By identifying these subtle problems, we can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and reduce existing pain or discomfort.

A typical gait analysis session lasts about 15 to 45 minutes. This includes the initial consultation, the analysis itself, and a discussion of our results and recommendations.

We recommend wearing comfortable, close-fitting clothing that allows for free movement. Shorts or tight-fitting leggings are ideal. Bring the shoes you typically wear for your activities, as well as any orthotics you use.

Yes, gait analysis can play a significant role in injury prevention. By identifying imbalances or inefficiencies in your movement patterns, we can address these issues before they lead to injury. This proactive approach can significantly reduce your risk of common running and walking-related injuries.

Absolutely. Based on your gait analysis results, we can provide specific footwear recommendations for your foot type and movement patterns. We may suggest certain brands or models that could help correct any imbalances and provide optimal support for your feet.

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